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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders


Probate is a Court proceeding to determine the validity of a Last Will and Testament. Arizona law provides a flexible system for the administration of estates and there are several ways to proceed in the handling of an estate. Arizona Paralegal Solutions has the knowledge to guide you through selecting the proper procedures and to anticipate problems in the administration of an estate.


  • Preparation of Probate documents
  • File all necessary Probate documents with the Court
  • Track your Probate dates and deadlines
  • Closing out the Estate


At Affordable Paralegal Solutions, our goal is to offer our clients affordable high-quality legal services.  We are committed to offering low flat-fee legal services.

  • Informal Probate
    $725 plus court costs
  • Formal Probate
    $800 plus court costs

Our Probate fees do not include the Court filing fee. Please contact us directly for the filing fees in your county.


Our Company is devoted to providing you with high-quality legal services.  If you have questions or concerns regarding a Probate proceeding, contact us directly at (520) 622-0200 or paralegal@azparalegalsolutions.com.