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How A Paralegal Can Help You

Paralegals Provide a Low-Cost Legal Solution for Many!

ID-10043236Need legal assistance but don’t know where to begin?  Need a low-cost alternative to costly attorney’s fees?  It is important to know what resources are available to you!

In Arizona, the Supreme Court certifies non-attorneys who provide document preparation assistance and legal services to individuals and entities not represented by an attorney.  These individuals are called Certified Legal Document Preparers and are more commonly known as Paralegals.

What does this mean for you?

In certain situations it may not be necessary to hire an attorney and pay costly attorneys fees to have your legal documents prepared, filed with the Court or appropriate agency, and/or obtain general information about a case or legal process.

How can a Paralegal help you?

Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers [Paralegals] can assist you by providing you with general and procedural information about a court case or a legal process.  Certified Legal Document Prepares [Paralegals] may also assist you by preparing legal documents at your direction, without attorney supervision; filing your legal documents with the appropriate agency; and assisting you with arranging for service of legal documents.

Who can Paralegals assist?

Arizona Certified Legal Document Prepares [Paralegals] can provided assistance to anyone who is not represented by an attorney, so long as the documents being prepared are Arizona forms.  An Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer [Paralegal] is prohibited from drafting forms for use in any other state than Arizona.

What Can Paralegals assist with?

Certified Legal document Preparers [Paralegals] most commonly assist individuals in the following areas:

Family Law                        


Legal Separation


Child Support



Last Will and Testament

Living Trusts

Power of Attorneys



Business Information

Civil Complaints


What are Paralegals prohibited from doing?

Certified Legal Document Preparers [Paralegals] are prohibited from giving legal advice, opinions, and strategies.  Certified Legal Document Preparers [Paralegals] are also prohibited from having privileged or protected communications with their clients and engaging in settlement negotiations.

It is also important to keep in mind that a Certified Legal Document Preparer [Paralegal] is prohibited from representing an individual or entity in Court.  If you already have attorney representation a Legal Document Preparer [Paralegal] cannot assist you.

Certified Legal Document Preparers [Paralegals] prepare legal documents at the direction of their clients, and the outcome of the matter is ultimately the client’s responsibility.  If at any time you have questions regarding your legal rights and need legal advice, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney.

If you need assistance finding an attorney, the Arizona Bar Association can provide you with referrals of attorneys in your area.

For more information about how a Paralegal can help you, feel free to contact Affordable Paralegal Solutions at (520) 622-0200 or send us an email at paralegal@azparalegalsolutions.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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