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Child Support Arizona

Child Support

Every person has a duty to provide support for their minor children. Establishing a child support order or modifying a child support order can be confusing and frustrating.  Affordable Paralegal Solutions is dedicated to helping our clients through the legal process in a smooth and timely manner.


  • Preparation of Child Support documents
  • File Child Support  documents with the Court
  • Ensure opposing party is served Child Support documents
  • Track your Child Support dates and deadlines


At Affordable Paralegal Solutions, our goal is to offer our clients affordable high-quality legal services.  Whether we are dealing with establishing a child support order or modifying an existing child support order, our fees remain the same.

  • Establish Child Support
    $325 plus court costs
  • Modify Child Support
    $325 plus court costs
  • Terminate Child Support
    $325 plus court costs

*Our Child Support fees do not include the Court filing fee. Please contact us directly for the filing fees in your county.


Our Company is devoted to providing you with high-quality legal services.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the Child Support process, contact us directly at (520) 622-0200 or paralegal@azparalegalsolutions.com.